1. Capitals BBC of Columbus, Ohio *

  2. Mountain Stars BBC of Addison, Penn.*

  3. Black Stockings BBC of Akron, Ohio*

  4. Cornshuckers BBC of Canton, Mich.*

  5. Rogues BBC of Rockford, Mich.*

  6. Detroit BBC (Mich.)*

  7. Fungi BBC of Fillmore, Minn.*

  8. Bear Clan BBC of Flat Rock, Mich.*

  9. Black Flags BBC of Drovertown, Ind.*

  10. Continental BBC of Kalamazoo, Mich.*

  11. Independent BBC of Bay City, Mich.*

  12. Old Golds BBC of Saginaw, Mich.*

  13. Cream Citys BBC of Milwaukee, Wisc.* CANCELLED

  14. Capitals BBC of Lansing, Mich.*

  15. Wahoo BBC of Royal Oak, Mich.*

  16. Walker Tavern Wheels BBC of Brooklyn, Mich.*

  17. Monitor BBC of Chelsea, Mich.*

  18. Crossing Rails BBC of Alliance, Ohio*

  19. Lumber City BBC of Flint, Mich.*

  20. Regular BBC of Mt. Clemens, Mich.*

  21. Quarrymen BBC of Lemont, Ill.*

  22. Great Black Swamp Frogs of Sylvania, Ohio

  23. Spiegel Grove Squires (Ohio)*

  24. Eclipse BBC of Northville, Mich.*

  25. Canal Fulton Mules BBC, OH

  26. Stars BBC of Wyandotte, Mich.*

  27. Union BBC of Dexter, Mich.*

  28. Atlantic BBC of Brooklyn, N.Y.*

  29. Grangers BBC of Rochester, Mich.*

  30. Brownstown Volunteers BBC (Mich.)*

  31. The Wilcox Wild Bunch - one day only.